Sofia's workshop is $85 per person and is open to the public, to register email

Landscape & Portrait Oil Painting Workshop

Tutored by Sofia Minson

10am - 4pm Wednesday 26th October 2011

Gifford Gallery, 27A Poronui Street, Mt Eden

“During this workshop I look forward to going over
smooth blending methods that I have developed
over the last decade using oils on canvas, as well as
discussing the creative and business sides of art with you.

Our goal is to practice techniques and share ideas in
an inspired, creative environment.

Can’t wait to paint with you on October 26th!”

- Sofia Minson

We will cover:

Group discussion about "Art as Business" with questions and advice

Painting techniques:
- Creating a luminous glow from the light source
- Smoothly blending thin layers of oil paint
- Minimal but dramatic use of colour
- Landscape and portrait composition
- Portrait skin tone
- Intensity of the eyes in portrait painting

On 4 separate canvases we will paint:
1. Smooth grey glow - white into yellow into grey into black
2. Sunset glow - white into yellow into red below and grey up top
3. Landscape composition
4. Portrait painting - basic first coat


You should bring:

Canvases - 4 stretched canvases between 450 x 450mm (smallest) and 610 x 920mm (largest). You can bring a variety of sizes but you have to be able to lay all 4 wet canvases in your car at the end of the workshop.

Oil paints - Any quality, I use Winton mostly.
- Essential colours - Titanium White, Lamp Black, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Raw Umber and any kind of Red.
- Recommended colours - Lemon Yellow Hue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber.
- Other colours - blues, greens, pinks, whatever you like to paint with.

Images - At least one landscape and one portrait photo, which you will use to inform your paintings.

Easel - Bring an easel or just rest your canvas on the table or floor.

Palette - An ice cream container lid to mix paints.

Rag - An old rag to wipe brushes.

Coloured pencil - Preferably a light yellow coloured pencil but any light colour will do. No normal graphite and charcoal pencils please.

- 3 x Large flat brushes 50-80mm wide
Good quality large brushes can be really expensive so just make sure you bring 3 large brushes of whatever quality you can afford. I use 3-inch Kolibri synthetic brush from French Art Shop $86.50. Or 60mm Da Vinci Serie 5080 Cosmotop Mottler from Gordon Harris.
- 3 x Medium long handle brushes
I use 1068F DAS Flat Synthetic Long Handle 20 from Warehouse Stationary.
- 3 x Small long handle brushes
I use 1068F DAS Flat Synthetic Long Handle 2 from Warehouse Stationary.

• Note: No liquin, linseed oil or other blenders are needed


You should prepare in advance:

A landscape photo - Find a picture of a landscape or beach that has some meaning in your life. Look online, in magazines or in your personal photo collection.

A portrait photo - Find a photo of a person, preferably a close-up of someone's face. A child's face is easier to paint because there are no wrinkles, although wrinkles can make a more interesting painting if you're up for the challenge!

Draw basic map of a face on one of your canvases -
Using your light coloured pencil, map out the face you intend to paint on one of your canvases. Don't sketch any detail, just draw the precise shape of the head, placement of the eyes, mouth, ears, nose and any prominent lines. Don't be afraid to get the ruler out and measure the placement of facial features or even trace the image somehow. This stage is not where the real art comes in, it's when you pick up the brush!


How to register for Sofia's workshop:

Email with the subject line: Sofia Minson Workshop Registration Inquiry

Sofia's oil painting workshop is $85 per person and is open to the public. Art lovers with all levels of painting experience are welcome.

Alternatively, to register phone Andrea at New Zealand Fellowship of Artists (09) 630 4754 between midday and 3pm any weekday apart from Monday